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Two... Review: A pair of pretty co-eds discover it can be murder getting into the sorority of their choice in this slasher flick loaded with violence and nudity. Then they turn into zombies and start killing and eating the locals. Fun packed with nudity and gore. Video Addicts Hotline: Video Addicts Hotline: CATALOG: Cannibal Hookers DVD. Cannibal Hookers DVD - Video Addicts Hotline For Collectors of. As a sorority initiation, two girls have to pose as hookers. With Drew Godderis, Sky Nicholas, Donald Trimborn, Michelle Fox. . Cannibal Hookers - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Cannibal Hookers (aka I Will Dance on Your Grave: Cannibal Hookers is a low-budget 1980s horror film about cannibals, produced by Hollywood International Pictures in. Cannibal Hookers (1987) - IMDb As a sorority initiation, two girls have to pose as hookers. Then they. Cannibal Hookers (1987) - IMDb Directed by Donald Farmer. | Cannibal Hookers - YouTube Henri Horrible presents "Cannibal Hookers". Cannibal Hookers DVD: Killer Bimbos From Hell! As a sorority initiation, two girls have. This song is based off an old horror flic and tells the story of a murderous

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